What reports would you like to see?

Connect sites currently have several dozen ready-made reports that can be exported into a spreadsheet, and we're thinking of adding even more reports that you can use! While we have some ideas about what would be most helpful for volunteer organizations like yours, we want to ask the experts: What do YOU think? What reports would you like to see included on your site? What information do you wish you had at a glance? How do you wish that information could be displayed in a report?

We are open to suggestions and would love for our awesome site managers to weigh in on this! Thank you!

Disclaimer: This is a suggestion forum, and while all suggestions will be considered, we cannot promise to meet all, or any, requests. For those we do decide to adopt, there is no timeline on when they will be available. The purpose of this post is to collect your ideas, based on your experience as a site manager.

We need agency managers to be able to run their own detailed reports for just their agency. To really make it a system that our agencies can use, they need to be able to run reports about how many hours one person volunteered in a given time, or how many hours volunteered for an entire project/need. It's not practical for our agencies to have to call us to run these reports, and while the excel exports have the information, it's not in a format that is easy to manage to pull out the needed information quickly.

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My request is for more comprehensive reports. I feel like there are so many reports that would be a huge help but then important columns are missing so they become useless. Some examples include:

  • The user ID is not a column for the response export under the VOLUNTEERISM section. We connect all our data through user ID and use it to connect to our CRM

  • For the response data explorer report there is no column for initiative which is something we always need to differentiate (response for our events vs responses just on the site). I also think that those explorer reports should just have as much data as possible.

  • There is not an initiative column for the group export under VOLUNTEERISM

I also think there is a lack of consistency on the column headers. Some say need some say opportunity, etc.

Lastly, more reports for initiatives and group data would be helpful to get a more comprehensive view of the data.

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Thanks for your suggestions so far! We will be revisiting our reports in the future and will review all of your suggestions then. Please encourage other site managers to visit this page and leave their suggestions. 



As I'm fairly new to the system, some of the burdens I am learning is that the site admin has to do many things that should be within the control of the agency manager. I realize that's not the topic, but as I've read more about reports, and I'm the site admin, I don't really like the fact that I might have 50 agencies requesting reports from me because they can't do it on their own. That doesn't seem to make sense. Basically, that then defeats the thought that this system will help streamline things for agencies. And the person running the site is then not being effective in the promotion of volunteerism and engaging the community.

What brought me here today is that I am trying to make a printable schedule since we are not fully automated, so what I thought I could do is print something that says:

This is who is serving and when (even if I print the monthly calendar as is, I don't have details of for ex: Sue at 8:15, Joe at 8:15, Jim at 9:30. It just shows Sue, Joe and Jim. The details are only if I hover over the schedule online).

These are the slots that still need to be filled this month (If I could print that calendar as listed above with it also showing I still have a 9:30 vacancy, that would be great!) 

Thanks for listening!


Linda, Beaver Dam, WI


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Hi Linda -

Thanks so much for your comments! If there are specific reports you would like to see for agencies please let me know and I will write up an enhancement request. Check out this article for agency statistics that agency managers can access, currently. 

We're improving the scheduling calendar to include a views of who is signed up for specific shifts, as well as how many open spaces there are for each shift. We have a few other cool updates in the works, so stay tuned! Enhancements are scheduled for release later this winter.

Hello, we have had requests from User Groups to see who is registering for needs assigned to that user group.  Would that be possible?  - Gina Edwards, HOI United Way

I love the suggestion for a printable schedule! That would come in handy for me when we do big special events like our Thanksgiving distribution so that each day I can have a list of who should be there! 

What I would like to do is pull a report by agency that shows how many unduplicated users responded to a need. 

For example, right now I can see that my agency, Gallatin Valley Food Bank, has over 400 need responses but I know that a lot of those are duplicated (one person registering for 20 shifts). It would be great to see how many unique volunteers have signed up so that I can report to my organization that 35% (or whatever it is) of our existing volunteers are using this software. 

Thank you for asking for this input! 

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I would also like there to be a report that I can pull listing birthdays of users. It would be great to be able to pull either a month at a time or the whole year with user name and birthday on it. 

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Thanks, all, for your input and ideas! I am putting together a collection of report requests for our enhancements team and will be presenting it to them soon for a future release. I will keep this thread open so that other site managers can add their ideas in the future. Thanks again!


I agree with Bri Cronin, birthday reports that can pull birthdays by month and/or year would be excellent.

As a site manager, I would like to be able to see the number of need responses in a given time period. Currently, Need Responses by Agency pulls a completely different number than the dashboard and Need Responses by Interest appears to contain many duplicates (a single need may have 2 - 3 interest categories).

I would also like to see:

  • Volunteer Hours Served by Agency (within a given date range)
  • Volunteer Responses by Need (within a given date range)
  • All data explorer reports need to be able to be filtered to within a given date range (we report by month & by fiscal year and I have to hand-sort all of this info)
  • Users who have & have not logged in since X date
  • Agency Activity - secondary report that shows which agencies have logged on, made changes, added/edited a need/event since X date NOT just which agencies have been added in the date range (I can pull this via an export of all agency data, but not via reports)
  • EVERY report needs a way to total the numbers on the screen without exporting to Excel & doing a SUM or COUNTA function. For instance: new users added, need responses, needs added, needs viewed, volunteer hours, etc. 

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Hi, Heather,

Thanks for the suggestions. If the reports are showing information other than what is expected, please report this as a possible bug to our Customer Care Team, including as many details (and an example) as you can.


We'd love to see a variation of the Today's Shifts report that we could utilize as a volunteer sign-in sheet.

We currently use the Today's Shifts report to bring up a list of the shifts, but each Opportunity has to be examined separately. This allows our managers to know who they can expect to attend but does not give them the tools to check volunteers in.

We generally have 4 different Opportunities at each Location when it is open (Greeter, Translator, Assistor, Coordinator), and often have 2 or 3 separate shifts at each Location in a single day. What this means is that we could potentially have 12 different Opportunities at a single Location in a single day. We'd love to have a report that each Location can print, first thing in the morning, that can be utilized all day.

We know that the Kiosk is a possible solution. But having a sign-in sheet is simple and low-tech, which is best for our older volunteers.

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Thanks Solomon! 

I'll document this for the Development team. A quick clarifying question, What level of access does each Location have? Are they Site Managers or Program managers? 

Have a good night, 


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