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We had our custom training today and had a good discussion about the check-in process for volunteers.  We are a multi-site organization. (literally 17 different sites)  While there will be staff trained in how to check-in volunteers, they won't be present at all sites all the time.  Many volunteers come after business hours and there will not be staff to direct them through the process.  Because of the work we do, we have several different needs being offered to volunteers at the same facility & same time (ie: homeless shelter:  meal prep/serve, library assistant, recreation, GED support, etc.)  I'm concerned about our ability to have all of those tabs open at one time and our volunteers' ability to maneuver through that.  I had envisioned having a page open for the facility that looks similar to the agency page with the agency needs listed in grid formation.  The volunteer is able to see all the needs that are available for that day, clicks on the box for the task they have come to participate in - then they are taken to the check-in process within that box.  Once they're done, the main agency page then re-appears with all the options for the next volunteer.  This would be much easier for volunteers to manage.  We have suggested this and spoken with Doss and Michelle about  this option.  What are others' thoughts?

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Hi Lisa -

Thank you for posting! Hopefully you will get some feedback from other site managers in the next few weeks. 


Agreed! It would be great if volunteers could check in/out on their own.

I work with students that volunteer at times when I am not always on-site - and in 3 counties, no less. I would love for them to be able to Check In and Out of opportunities listed through our portal on their own.

Our opportunities have already been verified as legitimate opportunities by me - and there's always a teacher or lead volunteer on-site when I am not, so I'm not worried about reporting of 'false hours'. If needed, I could always go back to the site and verify who was there as well. 


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We have several agencies that would like to have an easy way for volunteers to check-in utilizing a computer or iPad setup at the entrance to their organization.  There is no easy way to do this, as of yet, but I am certainly open to ideas.  I'm also thinking the app may help.  Any news?

Hi Lynda -

I don't have any updates about an app specifically, but I do want to let you know that we're working hard on making the check-in process more streamlined and easier to use for both agency managers and volunteers. We hope to release these improvements in the next few months, so stay tuned!

I would love to see Galaxy Digital add a check-in module for community connect. We have volunteers serving in our organization 24/7, in multiple areas, at one time. Volunteers could be coming at the same time to help with the following: serving meals, tutoring, landscaping, front desk support, etc. We are not able to have only one need open  for volunteers to check in to because we have multiple needs happening at once.

Also, the only way to use the check in feature currently is through a site manager page which allows the volunteer to access information and edit pages.

I believe if you created a check-in module, separate from a site manager account,  you would help not just our organization but multiple others.

Hi, Jaclyn,

We have two options for check-in:

  • Agency tool: Accessible from the agency managers panel. Volunteers can check themselves in this way, but they don't get access to change pages on the site.

  • Self check-in: Available for shifts, this feature allows volunteers to check in from their phones, and there is no need to involve a manager.

If you can give me a clearer idea of what you're looking for--maybe walk me through how you envision the volunteer experience with an improved check-in feature--I will be happy to bring that up at our next enhancements meeting. We're always looking for ways to improve the software, so the more detail you can provide, the better! Thanks!


Thank you for your response. As you stated agency tool is only accessible on the agency managers panel. This means that you can only access the check in feature by logging in as an agency manger. Therefore, the volunteer does have access to edit pages if left unattended.

Because we have ongoing needs that often happen after business hours, we believe an additional check-in feature would be beneficial.

Dear Galaxy Digital,
I maintain two locations that us iPads to check in. My office is away from the check-in location and I am not always available when volunteers check in. It would be such a mind-relieving act if you would design a model such as mentioned above. I do not want my volunteers or the clients in our care to be able to access and change anything about our facilities. Please consider designing this system. 

Thank you,


Hi, all!

We have received a lot of tickets and suggestions on this feature lately. If volunteers are not using the self check-in, you can use the individual check-in, which opens a page where all of the agency management tools are hidden. It's conceivable that someone may click the "back" arrow and find themselves in the agency management area, so I can see your concern.

At our next enhancements meeting I will bring this up to see what solutions we may be able to offer. Thanks for much to everyone for adding their comments thus far!


The check-in kiosk, released earlier this year, allows volunteers to check in and out of needs on their own. Also, check-in no longer has to occur under the agency manager's account, so there is no longer the possibility of a volunteer being able to access agency information. I'm marking this request as "implemented." If anyone has further requests regarding check-in or the new kiosk, please create a new thread. Thank you!

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