Make User Dashboard More Need Focused After Log In/Creating an Account, not Hours Focused

We would like to suggest that Galaxy do a small build that will allow managers to choose the order of their dashboard? For us, we think the way it populates after you log in, for the user, looks jumbled and not as clean as the 1st landing page. It’s a lot to scroll down through just to get to the picture rotator and pictures are really what grabs people, not volunteer resumes or words in colored blocks. 

Our organization would like to see the picture rotatory with recent needs populate at the top after log in instead of the volunteer hours/resume. While that is a great feature, to a new user its confusing and not why they came there in the first place. It takes the focus off creating a log in so that you can be a part of something bigger and better than yourself & being excited about helping others, and shifts that focus on racking up hours. Which is only important to few, the volunteer experience and how you impact people should stay the focus. Thank you.

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Hi Julee -

Thanks so much for your comments! I will add this to our enhancements feedback list. Hopefully, we will get feedback from other users to support this enhancement request. 

I really like this idea! I agree that would be a better layout of our site if we could move the hours lower and have the suggested needs etc. closer to the top. I agree with Julee that most of our users are logging in to find opportunities and new organizations and the hours are the last thing our site wants to promote. I know that other sites might want the current layout so the idea that we could move content in blocks to fit our preferred layout sounds like a great suggestion. Thanks!  What do you "product suggestion" folks think about including your website when you add comments so we can see how eachother are using the software? Here's ours:


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This is not a change we will be able to make in the current version of the software. Your requests have been recorded, and we will take them into account for later builds.

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