Reports options more complete - options to sort and search and link

There are many great built-in reports both on the "Reports" page there under "Data Explorer" and all the other categories on that page. As well as on the side bar section under each category - "manage organizations", "manage opportunities", "manage users". 

Each has different report options and it would be great if these various options were more available for all existing reports. 

On the Manage Organizations and Manage Opportunities pages the top of each column includes a search box where you can enter the text to find a specific record. Love that!  

Those two pages also include toggles to sort the entire table by columns up/down. Love that! 

Would love to have those options available on the Data Explorer side of reports. On those reports I have the great option to use the "table filter" check boxes to see specific columns on the page. But I can't sort by column headers on that page and there is no search field to type in text to pull up a specific record so those "table filter" check boxes are essentially useless unless I scroll through the entire list of 1,100 agencies. 

Some reports have live links to agencies and needs, others do not. It would be great for existing reports that show needs and agencies on the screen would all have live links to those.

I know I've got a date to talk with your support team about this and specific challenges we're having with reports related to our partner site but I wanted to add this to the product suggestions forum to see if others have similar requests for features in existing reports that are there for some, to be included in more of the existing reports. 

Molly Callaway, 

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Hi, Molly,

Thanks for your suggestion, and for the additional details--very helpful! Unfortunately, I was not aware of your suggestion posted here due to some changes to our Customer Care team and a transition to a new support system. Were you able to discuss these with a Customer Care agent? I have added your suggestion to our enhancements-discussion list. Thanks


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