Ability to edit individual registration to group registration

We receive a lot of requests where a volunteer registers as an individual by mistake and meant to register as a group and claim spots. It would be great if there was a way to edit that registration into a group registration on the backend rather than having to remove their individual registration and then re-register them as a group. This can be problematic because it sends out an email to the agency and volunteer that someone unregistered and then re-registers, which causes a lot of confusion. This is a common request so it would be a great enhancement for us to minimize administration work and confusion across parties. Thanks!

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Hi, Rachael,


Sorry we're so long to respond to this one. I can add this to our list for discussion. When you say that it's a common request, do you mean that you've spoken to other site managers who have requested it, or that people on your site who register incorrectly for needs are often asking you to fix their registration?

I'm not sure how much would be involved in creating a feature like this, or if all site managers would necessarily want this responsibility. In the meantime, we can also look at ways of making the user interface more clear if people are getting confused by the options. If you have suggestions there, we're happy to take and consider them in our development meetings.


Nina Rogers

Content Manager, Galaxy Digital

People on our site consistently register incorrectly and need help changing their individual registration to a group registration so we get a lot of those requests on our site. I understand that might be too large of a build. I think changing the interface a bit could help. Perhaps if there was a way to click respond as a group and then right there it would be a drop down of the amount of slots they could claim so folks really understand the difference between the two. Or if they could hover over the buttons and more info on the difference popped up. Thanks!

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A dropdown would definitely require an enhancement, but I can do something about hover-over text pretty easily. I'll update this thread once the text has been added.

We have added tooltips to these buttons!

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