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I would love it if a site manager could receive notifications when survey's come in so in cases where something may need immediate attention, I could respond.  Sometimes I take time to pull up accumulated survey results and find there was one from even a few days before that I would have wanted to address right away.  Exporting and reading the results are a little cumbersome as well since you have to do a lot of work in the excel spreadsheet to make the results more readable and track down the user who left them so you can follow up if necessary.  Thanks for looking into this.  

Hi, Lynn,

Thanks for the suggestion. You are correct that, as the system currently works, the only way to know about new survey responses is to check the survey page regularly. People have requested improvements to the survey response format in the past, but those requests have never made it to the priority list since surveys are not one of our more frequently used features. I can bring this up again in our next meeting, and if other site managers would like to add to the conversation here, we welcome their input!


Thank you!

You're very welcome!


Hi Nina! I created and submitted a survey as a test, imagining it would give me a site manager notification or an email to my registered address and it didn't. The type of survey I created - it is important that I get notification of this somehow. Hoping there's a fix to this so I can continue using the survey I created as planned.

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for sharing your experience with the survey tool! As previously stated, the system does not currently have a notification for site managers when a survey has been completed. The only way to view survey responses will be to export the information. If you would like more information on exporting your survey responses, check out this detailed article from our help center. It will give you step by step instructions for using the survey tool!

I have made sure to add your comments to the enhancement request for this notification. This will give our development team a chance to see your use case for this type of notification. If you have other questions regarding the survey feature, please reach out to our Customer Care Team at!

Have a Happy Monday!


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