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Disable the "ongoing" need feature

We have had issues with "ongoing" needs on our Connect site. They clutter up the needs page and they go untouched unless I personally disable them, in which case I like to let the agency know why I am removing their need--which can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing for the agency. Moreover, the ongoing needs that they post usually get no responses within the Connect site AND they usually are just an ad that directs users to the agency's site to get more information--something we want to avoid for the safety of our volunteers. 

Whenever an agency posts a new "ongoing" need, I have to email them to let them know why I cannot activate their need, and they must go back in to the site to change the duration before their need goes live. Some agencies have expressed displeasure with the fact that "ongoing" is even an option for volunteer need posts if they are not ultimately allowed to use it. 

Currently, there is no way to disable the ongoing duration feature. I hope that Galaxy Digital can add the capability to disable this in the future. 

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Hi, Brooke,

I'm sorry I didn't reply to this message sooner. I'm sorry the ongoing feature hasn't been useful for your site. Many of our clients have found it useful for needs that didn't have a particular start or end date or time. I can definitely understand your use case, however, and will add this to our items for discussion at the next enhancements meeting. While we probably won't be able to disable it altogether, we can explore the idea of an option to disable for individual sites.

In the meantime, I think you're doing the right thing by making needs pending so that you can choose to approve or not. Continue educating your agency managers, and make sure they understand your your site's rules.

Thank you!


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