Having the ability to grant 'Initiative Managers'

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I took the initatives training this morning, and a topic that came up was how great it would be to be able to have an intermediary step between 'User' and 'Site Manager', specifically in relation to initiatives. 

We have lots of staff/departments at our organization, with constantly varying volunteer needs. Most of these staff don't need access to the entirety of the site, but it would be very helpful to set up these staff with their own initatives (and the ability to add needs to those initatives), so that not every request for a need to be posted needs to come through our volunteer department. 

This would also mean the departments can tailor and edit their Initiatives page and questions on the fly, as the needs change from the off season to the on season. 
Thanks so much!

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Hi, Katherine, thanks for the suggestion, and for sharing your use case and reasoning behind it. At this time, we cannot offer "levels of access" for site managers, as it would require a full rebuild of the site manager side of things. However, clients have requested levels of access before (primarily in relation to email blasts, reports, advanced events, and SLM management), so I am adding your request to all of those, which will help strengthen the case for a rebuild down the line.

Thanks again!

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