VolunteerMatch Integration

I had requested this a while ago, but it has raised its head again as having benefits for our listings.

VolunteerMatch integrates with Generation to Generation to promote opportunities that connect people over 50 and young people in service.

It would be super cool if our opportunities could be entered on our Get Connected platform and the API stream them to the Gen2Gen site (via VolunteerMatch) for searching.

I believe that VolunteerMatch also streams to LinkedIn and their skills based volunteer opportunity feature.

See.... https://generationtogeneration.org/volunteer-opportunities/?fwp_vm-location=39.165325%2C-86.52638569999999%2C25%2CBloomington%252C%2520IN%252C%2520USA


Is this even a possibility? Or another way to integrate our opportunities to Gen2Gen?

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Hi, Lucy,

This is the first request I have seen for Gen2Gen integration. I'm not familiar with Gen2Gen, so I'll need to run it by the enhancements team (and probably development) to see if something like this would be possible as an enhancement. I'll make a note to update this thread once I know more. Thanks for the suggestion!


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