Reporting on dashboard to reflect last 13 months instead of 12

While it's a nice feature, there's a major drawback to only showing the last 12 months on the dashboard. I'd like to be able to easily compare data from the current month to the same month in the prior year. This is a simple indicator of success that I'd like to share with my board of directors, etc.

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Hi, Kayla - Are you referring to the charts on the site manager dashboard, where you have the option to select the last 6 months or the last 12 months? If my team rules against a "13 months" option, would an additional "Last 18 months" option work for you as well? I'm happy to bring this up in our next meeting, but I want to be able to offer a couple of alternatives. Thanks!


Hi Nina,

Yes that's what I'm referring to. 18 months would be even better! 


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