Ability to upload liability waivers to Course User groups or Blocks

The legacy SLM module had, under the settings the option to upload a document of Terms and Conditions. This allowed for us to have all of our students review a basic liability and waiver form when they signed up for a course. This is an essential function to how we use the Get Connected platform and it would be very nice if we didn't need to switch to collecting paper forms from all of our students. 

Hi, Daniel,

Thanks so much for your suggestion for the new SLM. You are correct that we did not include the course terms and conditions feature in the new version. Is the waiver at your university different for every course? I am wondering if a more general waiver would work, where a student must sign the waiver to be able to respond to any service opportunity. Also, if a student signed the waiver for the spring semester, would they need to sign it again for the following summer or fall semester? If it would work for each student to sign it just once, I may have a suggestion (using the qualifications tool for waivers) that could work for you.

That being said, I can also put in a product suggestion for a waiver that pops up when a student clicks to join a course.

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Thanks, Daniel!



Hi Nina,

We would like the functionality to require students to consent for each semester that they do service. That is the way that our risk management person recommended we do it. 



Thanks, Daniel. I have written up a product suggestion for waivers that apply to each semester.


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