Toggle between views: faculty, student, external partner

I'm a manager.  When I want to experience the site from a different role, in some cases I have to open a new window and log in using a second user profile.  This is in contrast to many cloud-based platforms that allow me to toggle back and forth.  Examples:  SquareSpace, WordPress. Canvas. Blackboard.  

Hi, Julie,

Can you let me know what roles you're having to use a second user profile for? Or, more specifically, what tasks do you need to perform that are requiring you to log in as someone else? I know there are several, but I would like to know your specific use case so I can take it to my team. Thanks!


I would like 4 toggles. 

  • external user (community partner)
  • student
  • faculty
  • manager
I would like to log in as manager. Then see a faculty's submission for a class, then toggle on that to how the student in the class sees the faculty's submission, From the student's page I want to toggle to a community page and then back to manager.  

So as I think about it, I know there is no a single view that all users see.  The pages are customized for each user.  Could I have a button <<see faculty view>> that brings up a search or drop down box so I can easily assume that user?  I want to see what they see.

Same with <<see student view>> and so on.

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