Make zip code optional and/or international

Our program will have opportunities and events that are both international and others that are virtual.  Would be ideal to have the option to use a zip code or not as well add provide locations for physical events outside of the US and Canada.

Hi, Christa,

Thanks for your feedback! The need-posting form currently has fields for entering an address, including the ZIP code. As you know, ZIP code is currently required, even if a physical address is not provided.

I'd like to make sure I understand your requests:

  • Make it so that ZIP code is no longer required (similar to what we currently have for the physical address fields)
  • Have the field allow either US or Canada codes.

Is this correct? Once you confirm (or correct) the above, I'll go ahead and add this item to our list of product requests for discussion.

Thanks again!



Hi Nina,

I'm actually suggesting post codes outside of the US and Canada be accepted.  My understanding is that to date only US and Canada post codes are recognized.  

For instance, if we have an event happening in Belgium, it won't recognize their post code.  

Or if we have a virtual event, not listing a post code (even a blank post code such as "00000") would be helpful.

Does that clarify?

Kind regards,


Christa, thanks for clarifying. I will add this to our list of items for out next discussion. Thanks!

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