Scale the Calendar to fit the viewing window

The Calendar feature on your site has been really helpful for our employees and is a super simple way for them to plan out their volunteer efforts at a glance.


However, employees can only see a partial view of the calendar and have to scroll down to reveal the side scroll feature and view opportunities on the other days. We've tried instructing them to “zoom out” their window to see more of the calendar at once, but even that has it's limitations and does not allow the entire calendar to be visible (it just keeps shrinking with only a sliver of Saturday showing). 

It would be super helpful if there were an option for the Calendar to scale to fit the viewing window. Thanks!


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Hi, Robert,

Thanks for posting to the forums! I checked on whether there was anything we could do at this time about the calendar, and I learned that fixing the view would definitely require an enhancement (rather than a bug fix, which would have taken less time). One thing you can try in the meantime is collapsing your left-hand menu. That should make a bit more space for the calendar.

I will add this to our list of enhancements for consideration. I realize the inconvenience of not being able to see the entire calendar, and I hope we'll be able to make a change in a future build.




Awesome Nina, thanks! :) 

Collapsing the menu is a good workaround for me and I am able to see the entire calendar width when I reduce to 80% size. However, this solution also requires scrolling to the bottom of the left NAV in order to collapse the menu. While I follow the process and it works for me, I think it's a difficult sell for a less savvy user to just be able to see the calendar, so I appreciate you adding it to your list for consideration!


You're welcome, Robert! Happy to help. I'm glad this workaround works for you!


I'm glad you're looking at this as a possibility, it would be great to see the entire calendar on a page. 

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