Ability to Upload Files in Email Blasts

There is currently not an option to search for Files to include in email blasts. This requires me to go back and forth between the saved email and Files page to copy and paste each file link which is very inconvenient. The ability to upload pictures is there, but not files. This would be a great improvement to the site as I'm sure other volunteer managers are similarly unhappy with this feature.

Thank you!

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Hi, Holly, 

Thanks for posting this. I realize you are referring to pulling links via MoxieManager to files, but I want to clarify for other people reading this that the uploading of actual files is not allowed in the email blast. You can learn the reasons for this in this FAQ for site managers.

I will look further into this to see if it can be done. Thanks!

Yes, that is what I meant!

May I also suggest that having an option to insert a signature in an e-mail blast would be helpful. I want these e-mails to look the same as my signature in the notification templates but for now, I have to copy and paste my signature from my e-mail box into an e-mail blast and it doesn't copy correctly as the image is left out.  Thanks for considering.

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Completely agree with the above comment. Copy and pasting my email signature into every e-blast is very time consuming and comes out strange!

Hi Lynn and Holly,

We appreciate you sharing your request and use case! This does sound like it would be a helpful addition to the Email Blast feature. I will make sure to document this information so our development team has the opportunity to view your recommendation. Have a great Friday!


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