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We are beginning to use the Event function to track RSVPs.  One issue we have run into, is invitees hoping to register multiple people from their group or organization, but not being able to do so.  Each person has to individually set up a user ID. 

On the "Needs" tab however, there is the ability to allow group registration.  

Can this feature be added to the Event tab as well, so we can also select whether we allow RSVPs to register multiple people?

Hi Shannon, 

Thanks for creating an independent post for this idea. Can you tell me a little bit more about groups that might be registering for an event together? Is it the kind of thing where they would be signing up to reserve a table? We like to have as many details about the hows and whys when we document something for the development team. 

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Wee are trying to use the event feature, but are running into some serious limitations. 

1) We could use an option to include a field for the invitee to bring a guest. We have a variety of volunteer events that we allow volunteers to bring a guest (usually a spouse or child, sometimes a friend for recruitment). Knowing how many guests is important for seating, catering, and other situations where exact number of attendees is necessary.

2) The Program Manager is not able to see the rsvp list, so is not able to send updates independent of the Site Admin.

3) We'd like to be able to add extra registration fields, such as dietary restrictions.

One more to add to my previous post--

We need to be able to add a registration deadline. This is especially important when we have catering deadlines, or we need a minimum number or we will have to cancel a venue by a certain date, as well, we wan tot send out an email about the event and want to do it after the registration deadline so that it goes to everyone. 

Thank you for voicing your thoughts on our forum, Karyn! 

Our development team has directed their efforts into improving the functionality of Opportunities in our software. While many of the things you've listed aren't available through the Events feature, you can achieve most or all of these items using Opportunities. If you have any questions on ways you can go about achieving this or just want to hash out the details, feel free to email support@galaxydigital.com. We will be happy to assist you in creating an Opportunity that best suits your event needs.

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