Badges / Benchmarks Improvements

I think badges are a wonderful way to motivate people and so I'd like to see more ways to use badges.

I think we should be able to create (and maybe even share!) new badge designs. I also would like to be able to tie badges into specific Initiatives or Opportunities, or Qualifications, with optional Hour and Date requirements, and even a manual badge option.

For example, these are the kind of badges I would like to be able to create:

  • New Volunteer! (any approved hours, any time)
  • Days of Caring Superstar! (specific Initiative, minimum 10 hours)
  • Thanks for Bringing a Friend! (manual - if a new volunteer indicates another volunteer got them interested)
  • Attended Orientation! (based on approved qualification)
I'm sure there could be many more!

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I like the idea of creating an icon that could be added to opportunities or organizations - is that a badge? It would be managed only by admin. This might help solve our problem of using initiatives for that very specific role now. 

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Hi Beth and Molly, 

What an interesting idea Beth! Molly, Beth is talking specifically about the Benchmarks feature. Being able to goal set a certain amount of hours and award a badge when a volunteer achieves those hours but having it be specific to an opportunity, initiative or qualification. Currently, you can either have a benchmark be general for everyone or tied to a specific user group. Would you want just the icon Molly or are you interested in the full functionality of benchmarks?

I'll document your idea Beth and add it to our list for development. Thanks for posting!


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Are we still unable to tie a benchmark to an initiative?

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Hi Laura,

Thank you for your question! At this time, Benchmarks can only be attributed to a volunteers hours. These Benchmarks can be set up site-wide or for individual user groups. If a volunteer participates in an Initiative, and there is a Benchmark set up for the site or their user group, then they will receive credit toward their benchmark when they record their hours. I hope this helps!



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>>>I'll document your idea Beth and add it to our list for development.

Has there been any action on this? I really think this is something that would benefit a lot of sites.


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Hi Beth, thanks for reaching out. New and custom badges are on our list of enhancements, and I will be sure to bring them up in our enhancements meeting next week. I can't give you a date that these might be implemented, but I will make sure my team knows how important this request is to some of our admins. 

Have a great day!

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This would be useful for us as well since we reward our volunteers on different levels than what is displayed with the current benchmarks. I'm glad y'all are adding this to the list of enhancements. Thanks!

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Hi Alayna,

Thank you for adding your support to this suggestion! I will make sure your support is noted. 

Have a great day!


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I have also mentioned in the past that ways to track volunteers who participate with different agencies (in my case passages) or doing different tasks would be helpful. I currently have a custom report I can pull, but there's no way for the volunteer to track their own participation in this way. We have an award for people who volunteer on all 43 passages - it would be helpful to be able to track that in the volunteer resume. 

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Hi Wendy, 

If the volunteers are not logging hours, how do you know they are participating actively? This will help me add a little detail to your request. Currently you can do a benchmark for specific user groups, this could be a way to make sure that there are benchmarks specific to each passage unless hours are not how you are tracking participation. 



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This would be a much better feature if the badges could be customized to our organizations branding and to amplify the great work of our volunteers.

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Hi, Morgan!

Thanks for chiming in on this topic and involving yourself in our forum community. I'll definitely notate that you would like the ability to create custom badges to reflect the branding of your organization and pass this along to our team who will be working on any upcoming enhancements.


Maia Price
Customer Experience Specialist

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I'd like to echo all the comments above. It would be amazing to customize the badges to our branding and the messaging we use across the agency.

Also, has there been any progress made on customizing the badges?

This topic was also brought up 2 years ago in another post:

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Hi Josie,

Thank you for your support with this suggestion! This is definitely one that does come up quite often with the team, as it is a popular idea we want to have happen! 

Of course, lately we have been focused on updating bigger pieces in our software. That being said, it is on our radar and we hope to be able to have this as an option for our site managers down the road. Thank you for expressing interest, the more backing a suggestion gets the better chances it has of happening!

I will add your voice to our enhancements board and continue to bring this up with our team. 



CX Specialist

She / Her

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