Setting Primary Manager to receive all notifications

We have 6 people in our office that need to be able to access our Galaxy site, so each is listed as a manager. Every time a response is received all 6 of us get the same notification email. 

We would like to be able to set it, so that only the primary manager gets the notifications. 


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Hi Malisia, 

If the other 6 people are not receiving notifications about pending items, what emails would you want to make sure they are receiving? This will help me write the idea up with a good amount of detail for the development team. 



We have a similar problem. It would be great if we could assign a primary manager to each opportunity so they don't all have to get all the notifications regarding volunteers for specific opportunities.

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the addition! Ideally, how would managers indicate who they want to receive notifications for each opportunity? Would this be something in the opportunity description? I would love to hear your thoughts on the best way to set this up!

Thank you!


Lisa's suggestion has been included in the Product Suggestion Forum!

Yes! Please provide a way to each agency manager to choose whether or not to receive notifications / emails for that agency. We have people who we would like to have agency manager permissions in order to do a specific task, but don't want to be inundated with a constant stream of emails.


Hi Beth, 

Thank you for adding your suggestion! I will include this as well. 

Have a great labor day weekend! 


Hey Ali/Autumn. Sorry I am way behind on getting back to you on this.I agree with Beth 100%. That is the problem that we were having. My Directors would like access to Galaxy to look at and check on things, but they do not want to receive any of the email updates that go along with it. 

Perhaps the difference is one primary manager that has custom access, can edit and receives all the notifications, and the second option that has access to view and download reports, but no editing and no notifications. One is Edit Access, and the other only Viewing Access.

Hi Malisia, 

Thank you for getting back to us! I will include the idea of having an Agency Manager with Edit Access (ability to edit the profile, needs, etc.) that would receive notifications, and an Agency Manager with Viewing Access (can view statistics and download reports) who would not receive notifications. 

Thank you!