Ability to change the wording or link on the sign in page

Our site is connected to a University, and only university affiliates have the ability to sign up as a volunteer. However, we are getting community members attempting to sign up as "community partners" when they're not affiliated with the school. (They click "login", then "community partner login", "Haven't signed up yet? Click here." which brings them to the community partner sign up page.) Community partners are what we call our agencies recruiting volunteers. We would like a way to direct community members to sign up on a different Connect website that we data share with, or at least change the wording on "Haven't signed up yet? Click here." so that it is clear that is not where volunteers should go. Currently, Galaxy cannot disabled that link without disabling community partner registration all together, which won't work for us as we still need a place where actual community partners needed volunteers can sign up. 

Hi Sarah, thanks for reaching out! 

This would definitely require an enhancement to the platform, and there are a couple of ways to write this up. Let me know which you prefer:

1. Create a new language override for "Haven't signed up yet? Click here." This would allow you to specify who you would want to sign up at that link

2. The ability to link "Haven't signed up yet? Click here" to another connected site. 

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thank you for your response! Ideally, it would be a mix of the two, if that wouldn't be too confusing. For example, a "Haven't signed up yet? Nonprofit agencies click here. Potential volunteers click here." With the first "click here" redirecting to the sign up page (as it currently does) and the second "click here" redirecting to another connected site.

If that is too difficult of an enhancement, or wouldn't make sense for most sites, I think the more important aspect is the language override of the "Haven't signed up yet? Click here."


That makes sense to me, I will add it to our enhancements board and include this forum post as a reference. Have a great weekend!

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