Merge Duplicate Agency Records

We work wtih hundreds of agencies, some of whom create duplicate records because they don't know they already have an account on our website (staff turnover, etc.). When there already are duplicate records, it would be great to merge them into one record since records cannot be deleted.  The last system we used had a feature that allowed us to merge duplicates records by checking the correct info for each field. So it showed the duplicate records next to each other and you just clicked on the most up-to-date info for each field.  It was slick.   Anyway, I am looking for ways to keep our data "clean".  I’d like to delete inactive, old, out of date agency records and just keep the most current accurate record, but I completely understand that deleting records is not always the best either. Thanks!!

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Hi Katie, I will add this to our internal enhancement board and be sure to discuss in in our next round of enhancements. In the meantime, if you have a group of agencies you would like to merge, or some that you would like to permanently delete, please send a ticket to support and we can help you with this further. 

Thanks for reaching out!

I feel the same way with duplicate user accounts!

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Hi Christina, I will also add that to our board. Thank you for your suggestion!

Did this every get figured out?

Good morning Andrew, 

Thank you for voicing your support here! I have updated the enhancement request to show that this idea has had some recent activity. We haven't implemented an agency merge tool, but if you have questions about merging user accounts, we may be able to help you. Send in a ticket to support about merging users, and we can help you with your specific situation. Thanks!

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