Add NEED WAIVER button to response column

For newcomers or first-timers to the site, it appears as though they do not have the option to respond to any of our opportunities.  The WAIVER NEEDED button is in the top right corner of the screen, but it is not clear that they must take the step of signing the waiver (which we require for all opportunities) in order to respond.  It would be helpful if the WAIVER NEEDED button appeared not only in the top right corner but also in the respond column that is currently blank with no button to click.

Thank you!

(31.4 KB)

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Hey Anna,

Thanks for taking the time to post, and for sending the screenshot!

We unfortunately don't have the ability to make an on-the-fly change here, but what I'll do is send this suggestion over to our development team so they can have your comments in mind as they consider what updates to make in future versions of the software. Any changes that we make have to go through our extensive development and QA process just to make sure that we're not accidentally introducing any potential bugs to the system, so they'll have to take it from here. That being said, they're always on the lookout for this kind of direct feedback from customers about how volunteers are using the site, so this is really useful for them to hear. 



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