Ability for Agency Managers to Create User Groups

We'd love for our agency managers to be able to create User Groups and use the User Group functionality which currently rests with site managers only. 

Some of our agencies would like to post a "general intake" need as public and then their specific needs as private.  These private needs would only be shared with those users whom they have "vetted" through a screening / interview process. 

This would increase our efficiencies with the agency managers relying less on the site managers to do this function for them.  

A workaround was suggested whereby the agency manager could send out the link to the opportunity by email to their volunteers, however, being able to message a user group in one message would be most efficient.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Hi Erica,

Thank you for reaching out with this request! Before I submit this as an enhancement request, are there additional benefits to agencies for them to create their own user groups, or should we tackle more effective communication tools for agency managers? The more information I can give our Developers for the request, the better!

Here are some additional points, hopefully they help support our request.  Ultimately, we’d like to make sure that Agency Managers can independently create groups that allow them to communicate specific messages and opportunities with no involvement from the Site Manager.


·       Increased communication for Agency Managers with their users

·       Ability to post & share private opportunities by Agency Managers directly to their users without involvement from Site Manager

·       Ability for Agency Managers to report on User Group volunteerism (will this be available?)

·       Add / amend User Group list by Agency Manager without involvement from Site Manager

Hey everyone!

This product suggestion was discussed in-depth in a ticket exchange with Erica. It will be presented to our Development team as part of the normal procedure!

In total agreement with Erica.  It would be nice if agency managers had the ability to create and manage user groups.  Was this idea discussed and what was the outcome?  I work with 56 separate agencies/parks and I see this getting unwieldy for me.

Hi Nancy, 

We have not moved forward with this idea. We discussed it with the our team and the Developers, thought it through, and came to the conclusion that allowing agency managers to create user groups would likely result in many duplicate user groups. This would result in messy data, as well as a poor volunteer experience when they are logging their hours. Agencies can assign opportunities to user groups, but we believe it is in the best interest of everyone that the site manager maintain control of creating the groups. I hope it helps to know how we thought this through and what was considered! 



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