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How can I go about querying groups, and as well assigning user to groups?  The documentation makes no mention of user groups-- http://api2.galaxydigital.com/volunteer/docs/

I also have a questions on extra fields being returned via the https://api2.galaxydigital.com/volunteer/user/list/ (endpoint)

  --> In addition to documented fields I also am seeing these fields (especially): gradYear, gradSemester which are nice, and would like to know if they can also bee added on user creation and user updates.  Also not sure where these display on the back end?

Without the group features, it would be hard to manage on a continual basis adding/updating users, so I have to think this already exists.

Thank you!

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Hi John, thanks for reaching out!

I believe we talked about the first part of this (User Groups and the API) in our ticket, in I suggested you post here. Thanks for following up, and I want to reiterate for anyone with a similar request that I have added this to our enhancement board. 

For the second piece, I will also add this to our enhancement board, as they are not currently accessible through the API. 

Finally, the gradYear, gradSemester, etc show up in the user's profile on the back end. For example, gradYear and gradSemester show up here:

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

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