Streamline Waiver Signing Process

This suggestion is to add the ability for volunteers to sign their Waivers while going through the User Registration process.  The suggestion would streamline the process by eliminating several steps.

Currently, the volunteer completes the registration process (which could include completing all the other Qualifications apart than Waivers), then takes a side trip into their Volunteer Resume, pays a visit at My Qualifications, signs their Waiver, then heads back out into the application to sign-up for an Opportunity.

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We require all volunteers to sign the volunteer code of conduct and waiver. It would be nice to include that with the registration process so they don't get confused when they can't sign up for volunteer opportunities (needs) because the documents are incomplete.

Hi John and Christina!

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this one. I will add your voices to the request. I've talked with a few other Habitats about this one so we've got it documented and ready for development's consideration when they start working on the next update. I can't say if they will choose it or not for the next upgrade but we've definitely got this one on the list! 

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I would like to add my voice to this request, adding the waiver would be much simpler at the beginning for our volunteers to navigate.

Absolutely endorse this suggestion. Our volunteers are finding the entire registration/waiver/need response process too cumbersome. This would really help a lot.

Happy Friday! 

Thank you Melanie and Becki. I've added your voices to the request. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend. 

I would like to bump this request up a notch.  With COVID, we are requiring every volunteer to acknowledge the risk and agree to certain precautions.

The way it works now is to assign a waiver as a qualification for opportunities--quite a burden when we have 100+ opportunities.

I would like to have a way to require the waiver as a part of signing up.

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Hi Karyn,

You also sent in a ticket regarding this, but I wanted to also address it here in case anyone needed the information as well! In the ticket I explained how it is possible to to add waiver qualifications to the user registration process. 

Here are the steps I outlined to do it:

First, you will have to navigate to your Manager Panel > Settings > User Registration area to turn on the Qualifications step during sign up.

Then, you will want to head over to your Manager Panel > Volunteerism > Qualifications area and click on the waiver qualification in question you want to update. 

Once you are on the editing page for it, you will want to make sure the "Required" field is set to ON and that the "Required to View or Respond to Any Opportunities" permission is selected. That way, user will have to sign the waiver upon registering, before they can respond to any opportunities.

Once this is set, if any current volunteers on your site want to respond to an opportunity, they will also have to sign the waiver before they can do so.

I hope that helps here! 



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I appreciate the quick and thorough response! The current criteria for requiring qualifications doesn't work for our organization because we want potential volunteers to be able to see opportunities before signing up. So if a "required to respond to all needs" could be added as a qualification option that would Be wonderful.

Thanks, Karyn, for adding your feedback to my suggestion! 

I totally understand what you are wanting implemented and will take note of your vote for adding "required to respond to all needs" to the qualification options in our current enhancement board notes.

Thanks again for voicing your thoughts! We really appreciate your dedication to wanting to improve our software.



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Hi everyone,

Good news! Within the last year our Development team has added the "Required to Respond to Any Needs" as a permission level to our qualifications options:


I hope you all have been taking advantage of this permission level and that it helps with your workflows. 

Additionally, we have also added a "Enforce required registration questions and qualifications upon registration and log-in" setting in your Settings > User Registration area, to guide folks back to their unanswered or unfulfilled, required questions and qualifications in their profile. You can read more about this update here, by January 2022.

I hope these improve you and your user's experience with our software. 



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