Spotlight Headings - after making links

 We used spotlights to sort our opportunities by these filters "one-time", "ongoing", and "online".

These spotlights are on the left nav.

When users click one of them, the heading for the listing does not change and they all have the heading of "opportunities" which can be confusing to the users.

Allow us to edit the text heading on a spotlight link.

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Hi Karen, Thank you for reaching out!

This may seem like a straightforward enhancement, but this would actually get really complicated really fast to implement. While we likely won't be able to add this specific functionality, I do have a suggestion that I think would fit your use case very well. 

I would recommend creating an initiative and adding all of the needs that fit the same criteria of those in a given spotlight to it. Initiatives allow you to create a custom banner that will display above the list of needs, and you could then link to the initiative in your spotlight. The end result would be a spotlight that links to a specific list of needs and has a colored banner that would tell your volunteers exactly what they're looking at. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about how to do any of that, and I can convert this topic to a support ticket. Thanks!

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