Spotlights - option to open a link in a new tab

I would like to see an option of opening a link in a spotlight in another tab. For resource materials, we link out to other sites. Currently that means that the user is leaving our site which is not desirable because it requires clicking on the back arrow to return to the site. That becomes even less desirable if a user clicks on a few links on the site they've been redirected to. Ideally, a user should be able to see both sites. Most other web sites have this functionality. Thanks!

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Good suggestion.  We use links in most of our Spotlights and this suggestion would simplify navigation.

Hey all- Thanks for the writing that up. I've put your notes in to our feature suggestions list so that our development team is aware of your feedback!

Thanks for submitting my suggestion! I do think this functionality will be beneficial to many of your users.

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