Team Leader Reminders to Update Teams or Slots will Reopen.

We have teams that sign up, but never input any info for their additional team members. They just reserve slots. If I download the Need Responses I have all the “reserved slots” that have no information. 

I would love it if the Leader could receive a weekly email reminder saying follow this link to update your team. I would then like for them to get a warning that all reserved slots will reopen if not filled by a certain date.


Hi Malisia, 

I've written up that request for you! I did want to make sure you knew about the ability to email team leaders from the manage teams area. You can use this area to search for a specific need/opportunity and select all and then email all team leaders for that opportunity at the same time. Also in this area, you can view number of members vs. reserved slots and easily see who you might want to poke about providing further team details! If you'd like more information about that please email and we'll be happy to help out. 



We have the same problem, but with a twist. Some team members create accounts and sign waivers (a qualification for all of our opportunities) but then don't link to the team. That means slots appear to be reserved when in fact, they have been claimed. We'd like to prompt volunteers to complete their sign-up by joining the team after they sign the waiver. Unfortunately, many of our team coordinators are not willing to do much beyond reserving slots, or we'd ask them to take on this responsibility. So important, though!

Hi Becki!

Thanks for sharing your input on this post! I will make sure to add your thoughts to the request that Ali created for Malisia. We appreciate the feedback and will keep you updated if anything changes for this request. Have a great day!



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