Keep location on screen constant after an action that causes a page refresh

There are a number of places in Connect when an action taken results in a screen refresh, which then causes the page to jump back to the top.   If a second action is needed, the user has to scroll back down to the area they just left.  This becomes tedious, particularly if they have to perform this same action more than 2 or 3 times.  Here is a specific example:

We use WAIT LISTS for our Needs/Opportunities.  Our Program Managers move volunteers up from the WAIT LIST on a regular basis.  It is not unusual for them to move 7 to 10 volunteers up on a daily basis, as the work allows.  The WAIT LIST is shown at the bottom of the Needs/Opportunities page, following the Shifts.   At the moment the product only allows moving one person at a time from the list   Once a volunteer is moved, the screen refreshes and the focus is back at the top of the page.  The PROGRAM MANAGER then scrolls back down to the bottom where they just were in order to find the next person on the WAIT LIST to move.   The process then repeats itself, which in our case is 7 to 10 times.   With this product suggestion, the location on the screen after a page refresh would remain constant and the scrolling would be eliminated.

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Hey John,

I can see how that can be frustrating! Thank you for sharing your feedback on wanting the screen to not start back at the top of the page after every entry or action when updating a Need. I will submit your feedback so our development team can review this for a potential enhancement.

Have a wonderful week!


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