Waitlist - remove expired entries

The waitlist is a great feature - our volunteers use if frequently.  The problem is that the waitlist is not cleared of the volunteers waiting for shifts that have passed.  It becomes clogged with outdated entries.  This product enhancement suggests removing names from the waitlist when the shift they're waiting for becomes history.

Hi John,

Thank you for this suggestion! I have added it to our enhancement board, and we will let you know if this is something that will be included in a future update. 

Have a great rest of your day!

Hi John,

I just wanted to revisit this forum post to let you know that we have good news!

We've updated the Waitlist table to only show waitlisted users for opportunities or shifts that have not passed or expired yet. We hope this helps to keep things a bit cleaner.

A couple additional notes: 

  • The "Email Waitlist" button will also only notify those that are on the "current" waitlist table.
  • If you would like to still review past waitlisted users, you're able to run an export to retrieve a spreadsheet of that data.

Thanks again for your insights,
CX Specialist
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