Add spotlight or other text to the calendar

On the Calendar page, it would be useful to have an option to add a spotlight to highlight specific Opportunities.  For example, spotlight an Initiative or Opportunity that needs a little boost for responses.

And, if we could have some informational text on that page, that would be useful.

Specifically, we would like to add text to the top of the calendar page with something like: "We have many On-going Opportunities that are not shown on the calendar. Please visit the On-going Opportunities page for more information."

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Hi Karyn,

Thank you for your suggestion! Although we do have Spotlights that can link to Initiatives, specific Opportunities, and informational pages, we do not have the ability to add those in the calendar page. I will make sure to add your suggestion to our Product Suggestion Forum. 

Thank you, and I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!


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