Being able to limit the size of RESERVED unnamed teams

We have many volunteers who will go in and sign up teams of unnamed volunteers and essentially wipe out all of our open spaces. 
Would like to be able to select a size limit for our more popular events 

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Hey there,

I want to make sure I'm capturing your idea as best I can, is it correct that you'd like to limit the number of team members a team can have for a specific opportunity. Does that sound right, or am I missing anything? 



Timna and I got to speaking about this more and here is what I will document for the development team to consider:

The ability to create a need/opportunity that is for teams and also choose a minimum/maximum team size so that when people are registering, they cannot take more than the maximum amount of slots or minimum amount of slots.

For others who may have similar issues, the manage teams area may help to manage your events. From that area, you, as a site manager, have the ability to release reserved slots if for example, someone has taken 20 slots but not provided good information on who is going to attend by a certain date.

Have a great holiday, everyone!


Are we able to choose a minimum/maximum team size for registering for opportunities yet, or even split the spots between two different teams?

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Hey Kattt,

Currently, you cannot choose a minimum or maximum size for teams, but it has been added to the enhancements board for our development team to consider in a future build. Thanks for voicing your support for this idea, I will add you to the list of people who want to see this implemented.

As for splitting spots between two different teams, could you provide more detail on what you'd like to see there?

Thank you,


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