Adding Shifts to Recurring Need

We had a partner who wanted to extend the time of the period set-up for a recurring need they had posted.  It would have been nice for them to have been able to just change the date it ended rather than having to go in and create a whole new Need.  Also, if they had decided to add an additional recurring day, say they were expanding from a MWF schedule to a MTWF schedule, going in and adding a Tuesday to the existing recurring days without having to create a new Need would be helpful as well.


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Hi Tim,

Thanks for sharing your ideas here in the forum! We've had some other feedback about managing shifts, so I'll add your use case to the board for our development team to review. The enhancement proposal covers the following aspect of your use case:

As a Site or Agency Manager, I would like the ability to make changes to shifted needs after they have been created, so that I can have more flexibility over any unforeseen changes. 

Does this description cover the issues you've run into? Please let me know if I've missed anything!

All the best,

Caitlin Lowe

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