ordering programs, opportunities.

It would be nice if we can order the program and opportunities manually.  for example.  we have opportunities within a program that are similar, it would be nice to be able to group them together.  or we have a training shift.  It would be nice to have the training opportunity to be the one on top.  I guess with some we could control this when creating opportunities but it doesn't help if you make changes after that.  

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! One recommendation I would make is to take advantage of the 'tagging' feature. 

For similar opportunities:

  • You could tag each opportunity that is similar as "front-of-house" (as an example). Then, share the tag in a Spotlight. Now, when volunteers come to your site, they can click that spotlight and see that group of opportunities.

For training shifts, I recommend sharing this in a spotlight, creating a custom page outlining the requirements for volunteering (such as completing training), creating a training qualification, or informing volunteers in the Opportunity Description that training shifts should be completed prior to signing up for a standard shift. 

If you have questions about these recommendations, please reach out to support@galaxydigital.com. In the meantime, I'll add the following requests to our product suggestions backlog:

  1. Manually choose the order in which opportunities appear
  2. Pin certain opportunities to the top of the need list

Thank you again for your time!

All the best,


Thanks for the information Caitlin, we have looked at tags but I am not sure that it works for us.  I'll reach out to support to get more information.

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