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Thinking it would be nice when you're initially building a team to be able to have the box that pops up saying to send an email to the person you're trying to add for them to either register or complete qualifications. Right now if you go to build a team you just can't add someone that doesn't have the account already or meet the qualifications. But after you make your team you can go in to manage the team, and add that person, which is when the current pop up box comes up and says to send them an email to get registered. I would think it might be more useful to have that pop up box in the initial team set up instead of having to create the rest of the team without those certain members, then go back in to manage the team to add them afterwards. 

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Hi Kim!

Thank you for writing in. The reason things have to go in the order they do now for team creation is a technical/coding issue. We did raise this to development when this feature was rebuilt but unfortunately due to the way the code has to check things, it had to be created in this way. 

When you click to create a team, the team does not yet exist. Because the team does not exist, it does not have a TeamID. In order to invite someone to create an account or get qualified and then join the team, the team must already exist so that we can associate the invitation with the TeamID. 

I hope that provides some clarity on why it works the way that it does, and why we were not able to build it with the invitation pop up at the beginning of the team creation process. 


Ali Pettigrew

Director of Customer Experience

Galaxy Digital

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