Add Country functionality to Nonprofits, Users and Filter Option

Can you please add COUNTRY functionality to the platform for users/volunteers, nonprofits and as a filter option?

We will be offering our services for USA and Australian volunteers and nonprofits and need to be able for both types of customers ti find easily what they need.

Custom Question isn't enough. Besides, it is not possible to add one for Nonprofits.



Hi Iwona, 

Thank you for adding your suggestion to the Product Suggestion Forum! I will add your suggestion, as well as your explanation of why you are requesting this update, to our internal Enhancements Board for our Development Team to review. If there are any updates to your request we will post about it in this suggestion. 

Thank you and have a great day!


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Thanks Autum. How long you think it will take? We will be kicking off our platform in the next month and this is a key feature to get it implemented. I hope we can make it work by then?


Hi Iwona, 

Thank you for your response! Although we would love to implement suggestions immediately, we have to consider if a suggestion is right for all 900+ organizations using our software, whether it is a priority for the majority of our clients, and how much time and money it would take for our developers to implement the update. And all that is before we start building the update itself! 

We have this Forum as a place to hear what our clients would like from the software, and for admins to gain support from other organizations who would also like to see the same update. Unfortunately, adding your suggestion will not automatically mean that it will be implemented. We will need to consider a lot factors, like the ones I mentioned earlier, before a suggestion gets to the implementation stage. 

The good news is that adding your suggestion here is the first step! Other admins will be able to add their support to this suggestion, which gives us an idea of how important this is to other organizations using our software, and give us and our Development Team time to review the suggestion. 

I hope that clears things up! Please let me know if there is anything else I can clarify about the enhancements process.

Thank you!


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