Allow removal/editing of the Community Connect line in the welcome pop-up

As a user, I have no idea what “Community Connect” is. I think it's meant to be a user guide, but that language is unclear. One option: Update this line to make it more user friendly, like "Visit  help center." Better yet: Allow your users to edit that line of text. You could even allow them to remove it if they don't want to include it. 

Good afternoon Michelle,

I am reaching out to collaborate with you, so I can write up an official product suggestion on your behalf!

It looks like your ultimate suggestion would be to do the following, allow site managers to edit the line of text at the bottom of the Volunteer Snapshot popup (see screenshot below). Here's the specific line of text that you would like to be able to modify, "Learn more about making an impact using Community Connect."

Let me know if this accurately reflects your product suggestion, and if so, I will write it up for you. Also, if you feel that it still needs some tweaking, just let me know as well.

Thanks, Michelle

Hi Michelle,

I just wanted to follow up with you with one of our most recent updates that we've just made to the line of text that we've been discussing at the bottom of the volunteer snapshot popup. I wanted to let you know that that line of text has been changed to simply read the following:

I still look forward to your feedback, just wanted to give you that update as well!

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