"Remove from all following shifts"


I've got a pretty simple suggestion: a "Remove from all following shifts" option in the Schedule right click drop-down menu. This would be useful for volunteers who change their schedule or stop volunteering but had previously accrued hours.

I have found that "remove all" does not work well if I am also trying to use GD to keep records of past volunteering and hours.


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Hi Emma and good afternoon,

I hope you’re doing well, and thank you so much for sharing your suggestion! I have added “a ‘Remove from all following shifts’ option within Volunteerism > Scheduling > User Responses tab’s right click drop-down menu” to our list of product suggestions, and I’ll make sure to discuss this with the rest of the team.

Have a great day!

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Yes! This is a great idea. I work with consistent volunteers every day and would love to be able to edit their recurring shifts seamlessly. It's odd that "Remove from all shifts" means to remove earned hours from past volunteer shifts. Why would we want to do that?

Emma, I see that you shared this idea two years ago. I'm frustrated that this still hasn't been addressed. Hopefully they can do make a fix for this soon.

Hey Kendra,

I appreciate you sharing your shared opinion here as it strengthens this product suggestions place when we are considering it for implementation. Your additional comments have been documented to review at a future enhancement meeting.

Again, thank you so much for sharing support for this idea as upvotes and comments bring more attention to it

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