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We LOVE the new app. Its going to make volunteer sign-ups much easier for our volunteers. :) Great Job! 

We would like to suggest the addition of adding the blog and spotlights to the app. We are afraid the majority of our volunteers will only use the app now and miss our important blog posts and spotlighted needs. This will become a big issue for us as blogs and spotlights are how we put out newsletters, urgent needs, and general updates to the volunteer program. 

Thank you for considering. 

Hi Tricia,

Good afternoon to you, happy to help here!

I'm so glad to hear that you are loving the new App, we're super proud of all our team's hard work, and how we can better serve you with it. I've made a note that you would like to add the functionality in our new mobile App for both the Spotlight feature and the Blog feature.

Thanks for posting in our forum Tricia!

The new version of the app is supposed to have these New features:

Volunteers can now respond, update, and unregister from opportunities through the app can't do this

Volunteers can search through opportunities by text, map, or a variety of filters can't do this; doesn't give any results

Am I missing something? It doesn't seem different from the old app

Hi Marty,

Good morning! First, I would recommend making sure you have the most recent and up-to-date version of our new app downloaded. For more information, check out this post here:

If you continue to have issues with the app, please reach out to directly. There are a few settings on your site that may be preventing opportunities from appearing on the app. We'd be happy to dig into this and review your site specifically to make sure all is well if needed!



CX Specialist


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