Add Qualifications Column to the Response List

Under "Scheduling" where you can view who signed up for the opportunity, could you please add a column to show whether each user has completed qualifications?

To make sure volunteers have checked in properly, we go to "scheduling" and then click the event on the calendar, and then view the volunteer/response list. It would be very helpful to be able to see from there who has or has not completed their waiver qualification. 

Some volunteers are manually added to the list, while others use the kiosk, so seeing the qualification right there would help us know who has successfully completed a waiver and who needs to do a paper one with us in-person. 

It is otherwise difficult to keep track of because we would need to look up each individual user before the volunteer shift can begin. With large groups that isn't feasible.

Thank you.

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On the Response list under Schedule>Shifts (tab)>View Available Volunteers (when you scroll over an opportunity) please add a table filter for qualifications/alerts.

We need to be able to see who has completed their digital waiver as we check people in. 

We prefer using the "Shifts" tab under Scheduling rather than the "User Responses" tab (because from Shifts we can populate reserved spaces and add walk-ins), but adding this feature to both tabs would be great.

Desired location:image

Existing alerts column in different location: 



Thank you.

Hi Amber,

Thanks so much for adding this to our forum to consider! I wanted to make sure I am understanding your request correctly. 

In short, is what you are looking for to add the "Alerts" column to more areas where responses are listed (mainly, the Volunteerism > Scheduling > Shift selection > View All Available Volunteers table)? Would this be information you would want both Site and Program Managers to view?

Thanks for your insights,


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