Make hyperlinks available in registration custom questions

We have a custom question that directs people to an outside link for more information. We would like to be able to hyperlink it, but we can't so we're just typing out the whole address, which is not as user-friendly.


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Hi Ellen,

Happy Friday! You are correct, currently there is not a way to add a Content Link (like what is found when creating a Qualification) for Custom Questions. I will be sure to add this to our team's notes to review in a future Enhancements meeting:

"Add "Content Link" fields to the custom question form. This would allow admins to add external links for users to click if needed."

If I am misunderstanding or missing anything here, please let me know!

In the meantime, this may be better served set up as a Qualification. I would probably recommend these settings (this would require it on registration, but not prevent users from being able to respond to opportunities):

If you need additional help on this set up, feel free to send a new ticket to support.



CX Specialist


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