"Volunteer as a Team" Pop-Up Customization


My team and I would love the possibility to customize this pop-up box for 2 reasons.

1. We would like to offer guidance specific to our GD platform and volunteer experience 

2. We would like to use the extra space to add a photo or video. Our goal is to make it more personal and highlight what working as a team would look like. 

Thank you for your time! We appreciate your support!


Seth Anderson (he/him) 

Volunteer Systems Business Analyst 
Second Harvest Heartland

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Happy Friday! Thank you for adding your suggestion to the forum. To sum up, you are suggesting that Site Managers have the capabilities to edit the pop up that appears when a user clicks "Respond As A Team" for an Opportunity. In addition to editing the text, adding the capabilities to add links, images, and videos. 

Does that sound right? Please let me know if I am missing anything. 

Have a great day!

Autum Brown, Education Manager

HI Autum, 

Yes, exactly that. We're seeking to custom this pop-up page to personalize it to our organization and add some guidance. 

Thank you!


Hi Seth,

Fantastic! I have added your suggestion to our internal enhancements board for our Developers to review. We will keep you updated, and please feel free to reach out to support if we can help with anything at all!

Have a great day!


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