Waiver field in opportunity description

It would be nice to choose in the main settings/opportunities if the clickwrap waiver option is available/visible when creating an opportunity/need.  We use a qualification to satisfy this requirement and do not allow clickwrap waivers.  We find that many of our staff continue to upload a waiver here despite how many times we tell them not to do this.  Eliminating the option could help.

Hi Nancy, 

Thank you for your product suggestion! I am going to share your suggestion with our development team to discuss but want to make sure I have what you’re requesting correct: 

The ability for Site Managers to toggle the clickwrap waiver feature on or off globally on the site when creating new opportunities or needs. 


Brittany "Bee" Crow

Client Education Content Writer

Hi Brittney,

Yes, that is correct.  Thanks for clarifying.

Nancy Schelin

Hi Nancy!

I just wanted to follow up and let you know that I have added your suggestion for review with our development team. Thank you again for your suggestion! 



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