Roaming Qualifications - Sharing a volunteer qualification between linked agencies

We would like our volunteers to have the ability to share their qualifications across multiple linked agencies. This would negate the need for the volunteer to resubmit the same qualification for multiple agencies. Many of our agencies will share the same qualification (e.g. drivers licence, working with children, police checks, food hygiene & handling)

Our thinking is:

1. On the volunteer profile there is a section which says "Share my qualifications with these agencies." The linked agencies are shown and the volunteer can select the radio buttons next to the linked agancies with which they are happy to share.

2. When a volunteer passes a qualification for one agency, that qualification is passed to those agencies where the volunteer has agreed sharing is OK.

3. We assume that the qualification name (or other identifier) would need to be exactly the same between the two agency sites (e.g. Drivers Licence - AUS = Drivers Licence - AUS, the qualifications must match!)

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Hi Mark, 

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your suggestion! I appreciate you taking the time to add your ideas on how to improve the software. 

From my understanding, you have multiple sites that are connected. Ideally, a volunteer who submits a Qualification response on one site will be able to choose what sites they are also submitting their Qualification for. Once the volunteer is marked as qualified for that Qualification, they will be marked as Qualified on the connected sites as well. 

I would love to hear a little more about how this would ideally work from the Site Managers perspective! When a volunteer completes a Qualification response on Site A, will the Site Managers on Site B be able to approve the Qualification response? Or will they only be able to see how the volunteer responded, but not manage the Qualification response (mark the volunteer as "qualified" or "unqualified")? 

Thank you for the additional information! I will mark your original request in our enhancements forum for Developers to review. 

Have a great weekend!

Autum Brown

Education Manager

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