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There are many things throughout the Galaxy Digital platform that we do not need enabled. Some of the things we'd like to disable are the calendar, teams, scheduling, get social, get connected icons, share opportunity icons, and filters on opportunities. We would like an option to enable/disable some of the built-in options on the platform.

Hi, Kris, 

Thanks for posting to the forum. I want to make sure that I'm capturing the essence of your request accurately for the enhancement team.

In your request, would you imagine those features would be removed from both the volunteer view and manager view? Or would you only like the volunteer to not see them?

Thank you!

Maai Price
Customer Success Manager

It would be good if there was an ability to turn them on/off centrally for both the volunteer and program manager, but the volunteer is the primary concern. 

Hi Kris,

I wanted to jump in and let you know that I have added your thoughts to our enhancement notes which will be considered by our team during one of our upcoming product enhancement meetings. If there is any additional information that you would like to share related to the features that you would like to disable on the site, please feel free to let us know here!

Thank you!

Jeff Rodell (He/Him)

Client Onboarding Specialist

Galaxy Digital

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