New icons for skills and causes

Hi Galaxy,

We have been getting a growing number of requests for more icons for skills and causes. The most important ones we’ve had requested so far are below. I also googled some free icons just to give you a visual indication, but variations of the below would also be fine.

·  Hamburger - We have a lot of cooking related activities

·  Steering Wheel – Useful as we have a lot of driving related activities

·  BBQ (i.e. the burner, tongs, or utensils) or

·  Red Cross – Useful for first aid

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Hi Laurence,

Thank you so much for adding this to the forum! I will be sure to add the following request to our team's notes for review,

"The ability to select from additional icons for skills and causes. Icons should include, at minimum, hamburger, steering wheel, BBQ, and Red Cross." Please let me know if I have missed anything in your request. Thanks, Olivia!

I love adding more options to the icon list!

As a sports organization, we would love to see a roller skate, a whistle, or jumping on the animal bandwagon, a zebra, and flamingo (nicknames for our referees).

Hi Babe,

Thank you for adding some more options for us to add to the list of icons. I'll be sure to add those to the request for our team to review.

Thank you so much,


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