Schedule a Volunteer on a Team

Hi all,

I really like the ability to schedule a volunteer for a shift by going through their profile. See image below.


I would also like the ability here to be able to add the volunteer to a Team. 

Right now, to add a volunteer to a Team, we have to find their email address, copy it, then find the Team, the right instance of the Team, go into the Team, and then add the volunteer. If it was possible to add the volunteer to a Team from their profile, I think it would save lots of clicks and make for an easier workflow.



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Hello, Cody!

Thank you for sharing your product suggestion with us! It sounds like this enhancement would improve your workflow. I will go ahead and share the following with our enhancement team to discuss for consideration: 

The ability to add volunteers to a Team when scheduling them from their profile. 

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! 



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