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I love that we are able to provide a tool for our volunteers to use our site in multiple languages, but I have an improvement to ask of you. It came to my attention that the mobile version of the site is nearly unusable now that we have the google translate box in the top left corner, as it completely covers up the three lines that allow users to navigate the menu. Is there a way for you all to make it so the "select language" box will appear above this menu, rather than directly over the top of it?

As you can see in the attached screenshot, the menu bar in the top left corner is being covered up by the google translate bar.


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Hi Miranda, 

Thanks for reaching out! I just noticed you also posted this as a new forum post thread. Just in case you missed it, here is my reply to the first comment you added on this same topic. If you need more help on this, please reach out to support at 

Have a wonderful day! 


Abby Torrice

Onboarding Specialist 

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