I would love the ability to enable the waitlist and be able to select one person from that list for an opportunity. I don't want it to go automatically to the next person. Currently, as far as I can tell there is not a way to select one person for the opportunity. If 50 people respond, then this will show up when they report their hours even though they were not selected for the event.

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Hello, Stephanie!

Thank you for reaching out with your product suggestions! When you have the waitlist enabled for full opportunities, it doesn't automatically schedule the next person, rather it notifies the users who have added themselves to the waitlist when a slot becomes available. After they're notified, they are then able to go back and respond to that opportunity if they're still able to volunteer. 

Now, if an open spot becomes available for an opportunity, Site Managers can manually add a response on their behalf for that opportunity from their waitlist (a plus sign will appear next to the user's name on the waitlist). Otherwise, Site Managers can update the capacity for the opportunity in order to add waitlisted users to it. You can find out more about managing waitlists in this article (please note, the language in the article uses Needs in place of Opportunities). Users on the waitlist that don't go back and respond to the opportunity aren't able to submit hours towards that opportunity. 

I do have a question to better understand how an enhancement to the waitlist would improve your workflow. Would the ability for Site Managers to add waitlisted users to a full opportunity be an enhancement to meet your needs?

I look forward to your reply and hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. 



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Not my suggestion - but my two cents - being able to add a volunteer from the waitlist for a full opportunity would be great! Our opportunities are based on need. I keep the capacity low on purpose so I can manage who gets what opportunity. Having to go in to several screens to view the waitlist, back out to add a volunteer or edit the number a couple of times to make it work is cumbersome. 

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Hello there,

Thank you for sharing your suggestion, and we can understand that there are a number of steps to this maneuver.

I will make a note to our development team to see if we can find more efficient ways to access this data.

Thank you for your time, and please let us know if you have any other ideas to share!

All the best,
Ryan R. | he/him
Freshdesk & Shift Administrator
Galaxy Digital

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