Allow managers to assign an "Individual" hours response to a specific opportunity

We have a few volunteers who log their hours under "individual" hours. This makes hours reporting a bit tricky. Is there a way you could allow us to adjust this when we go to approve hours?

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One way I've found to do this is by assuming their identity and then updating the hours that way. Although, I do like the suggestion to be able to change it from "individual" hours to X hours from the site manager view. Hope Galaxy will take your suggestion into account. 

We appreciate you sharing your product suggestions here in the forum! I can see how having the ability to adjust the hours would make reporting cleaner. I’ll be sure to share this with my team to consider during our next enhancements meeting.

In the meantime, you can deactivate the hour entry and manually add a new hour on behalf of the user as an alternative solution.

Thank you again and I hope you have an awesome rest of your week,


Thank you for passing this along. I have no desire to deactivate and manually add hour entries unnecessarily at this time. Just a reminder that the hours are not what I wish to adjust. We can already do this. I would like to adjust the opportunity response, so that "individual" hours are attached to an opportunity. Thank you.

Hey Miranda,

You're welcome!

That clarifies things for me! I'll be sure to make sure your suggestion reflects the information you've shared with me.

With gratitude,


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