Make "Team Reserved Slots" Searchable in Responses and Hours pages

Hi all,

I recently learned that it's possible to assigned default hours to Team Reserved Slots. This can be helpful for us, even though we'd much rather have complete profiles. 

At the same time, Team Reserved Slots are not searchable in the Hours or Responses tabs. I would like to be able to search for them here and have them appear. If I enter "Team Reserved Slots" in the Name field, I think we should be able to see them.



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Hi Cody, 

I quite like this suggestion! Thank you for writing in--I'll make a note as follows to discuss in a future enhancements meeting: 

"Allow for search / toggle for reserved team slots on the Responses & Hours pages, so they can be quickly found and have default hours assigned to them". 

Have a lovely rest of your week!

Heather Adler
Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital

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